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Precious Paws Animal Rescue

Precious Paws Rescue Dogs
Precious Paws Rescue Dogs

I was fortunate enough to meet Lauren from In My Belly – Pupcakes and Treats ( in July 2022. Lauren explained to me how she supported Precious Paws by selling snuffle mats and snuffle balls on behalf of the charity.

Lauren asked me if I would like to be involved and I didn’t have to think twice, it was an immediate yes as animal rescue is very close to my heart.

My dog Bea is a rescue. When we first bought Bea home she wouldn’t close her eyes and sleep around us for nearly 2 months, until she knew she could trust us. Being able to give my girl a safe and loving home is one of the best things we have ever done, and in return she has bought so much joy to our lives.

Precious Paws has an amazing supporter and advocate called Shannon. Shannon is one of the kindest people I have ever met. Shannon, along with her daughters, make the snuffle mats and balls and do not take a single cent for the materials they use.

I admire the patience and creativity they have, to make the fabulous products. My part is easy, I sell the snuffle mats and balls and talk to people about Precious Paws.

I have proudly supported Precious Paws since July 2022 and the sale of the snuffle balls and mats has raised $1200 for the charity so far. Like I say, I do the easy part. It is people like Shannon and all the incredible people who contribute and volunteer their time for the charity that are, in my eyes, true angels.

Visit the Precious Paws website to read more about the incredible work they do.

Precious Paws Rescue Dog
Colt - Precious Paws Rescue Dog
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